How to Replace the Window Motor on a 1989 Ford Truck

The window motor in a 1989 Ford truck moves the window regulator back and forth, which in turn moves the window glass up or down depending on which direction you are pushing the window switch. If the motor fails, the window glass will stick in whatever position it was in when the malfunction occurred. Replacing the faulty window motor in a 1989 Ford truck takes a few hours and some basic mechanical skill to accomplish.

Tools Used: Packing tape, Trim tool, Phillips screwdriver, Socket set

Replace Window Motor

Lift the window glass to the full, upright position by hand. Apply the packing tape to the outside of the window glass, run it up and over the door frame and down onto the inside of the window glass to hold the glass up.

Pry the window switch bezel loose with the trim tool. Disconnect the wiring harness from the underside of the switch by hand.

Remove the screw from the trailing edge of the door panel and along the bottom of the door panel with the Phillips screwdriver. Remove the screw from the door panel arm rest with the Phillips screwdriver as well.

Slide the tip of the trim tool under the upper, trailing edge of the door panel and pry out the trim pin located there with the trim tool. Slide the tool downward, between the panel and door, removing each trim pin you encounter. Move across the bottom and up the leading edge of the panel, until you have removed all the pins.

Lift the door panel up and off the door by hand. Set the panel somewhere it cannot get dirty or damaged before you reinstall it.

Look inside the door to locate the window motor, attached to the door and the window regulator. Unbolt the window motor from the window regulator and the door with the socket set. Unplug the wiring harness from the motor by hand.

Pull the old motor out of the door and insert the new one in its place. Bolt the new motor to the door and window regulator with the socket set. Connect the wiring harness to the new motor by hand.

Reinstall the door panel in reverse of how you removed it. Remove the packing tape.

Tips & Warnings

Use care when prying out the trim pins. However, if you break one, simply take it to the local auto-parts store to match up with replacements, which are normally sold in bags of 10 for a small fee.

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