1987 Honda Accord LX Fuel Pump Installation Instructions

The fuel pump on your 1987 Honda Accord is an electrically operated unit which is mounted inside of the vehicle's fuel tank. Honda designed the unit to be easily accessible through an access panel, located in the left side of the vehicle's trunk. This type of design eliminates the traditional method of lowering or removing the fuel tank in order to access the fuel pump, greatly reducing the time needed to perform the repair.

Tools Used: Wrench set, Pliers, Socket set

Fuel Pump Installation

Raise the hood of your Honda and prop it open.

Locate the battery. Remove the negative battery terminal by turning the clamp nut in a counterclockwise direction with the wrench. Pull the terminal from the battery post.

Open the vehicle's trunk and pull the carpet back from the left side trunk floor. Here you will see the access panel.

Pry the access panel up, removing it. Use the pliers to remove the fuel line clamp, and pull the fuel line off. Unplug the electrical connector to the fuel pump.

Remove the fuel pump mounting bolts by turning them counterclockwise with the socket. Pull the fuel pump off of the fuel tank.

Place the new fuel pump onto the fuel tank. Tighten the fuel pump mounting bolts by turning them clockwise with the socket.

Plug the electrical connector in. Slide the fuel line onto the fuel fitting and use the pliers to place the clamp back into position. Replace the access panel by pushing it back into place in the trunk floor.

Place the negative battery clamp onto the negative battery post. Tighten the clamp nut by turning it clockwise with the wrench.

Tips & Warnings

If you can not get the clearance needed to remove the fuel pump, the tank can be lowered to give extra room.

Never have sparks or an open flame around gasoline.

Do not smoke while working on the fuel system

Always remove the negative battery terminal before servicing the fuel system

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