How to Change an Ignition Key Switch on a 1987 Mazda B-2200

The ignition switch is an essential part of any vehicle, and the Mazda B-2200 is no different. On the 1987 model of this vehicle, the ignition switch is just to the right of the steering column, and is used with your key to start the car. If your switch stops working, you can remove and replace it using your car's normal key in just minutes from your driver's seat.

Tools Used: Ignition key, Paperclip

Change an Ignition Key Switch

Insert your key into the ignition switch as normal, and then insert a straightened out paperclip into the slot just to the left of the key slot.

Push the clip in tightly all the way, and turn the key to the "ACC" position.

Pull both the key and the clip to remove the cylinder, and place the cylinder on a work surface. Remove the paperclip before removing the key.

Insert your key into the new switch, and then insert this into the ignition.

Insert the paperclip as you did with the last cylinder, and then turn the key to "ACC" to lock it into place.

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