1987 Jeep Cherokee Troubleshooting Cooling System

The 1987 Jeep Cherokee employs a pressurized engine cooling system with thermostatically controlled coolant circulation. The heart of the system is a water pump, an impeller type, mounted on the front of the block. When you notice that your Jeep Cherokee's engine is warmer than usual, that is a sign that something may be wrong with the cooling system. Overheating can seriously damage the engine so it is important to fix this problem immediately. There are various reasons that may lead to cooling system malfunctions. Some of its parts may be broken or damaged.

Tools Used: Gloves, Antifreeze, Distilled water, Cloth, Flushing gun

Troubleshooting Cooling System

Determine if there are leaking cups under your Jeep Cherokee. The cups are green and red and have a sweet odor. If you find these, the water pump or the water pump hoses are damaged. A water pump is the heart of the cooling system and must be immediately replaced if broken.

Check the coolant level. If there is insufficient quantity of the liquid, problems with the cooling system may occur. The coolant is 50/50 mixture of antifreeze and distilled water. Pour the coolant into the radiator if necessary.

Check the thermostat. It is located inside the housing, next to the engine on the upper part of the radiator. If the upper radiator hose is hot, it means that the coolants is flowing and the thermostat is open. If the engine seems to be taking a long time to warm up, the thermostat is stuck and should be replaced.

Examine the radiator cap. If it has cracks, swellings or other visible defects, your mechanic will have to replace it.

Clean the radiator with a clean cloth to remove dust.

Open the drain cocks and remove plugs located at the radiator's bottom.

Connect a flushing gun to the radiator's water outlet and disconnect the water inlet hose.

Flush the radiator, using only short air bursts. Repeat the procedure until the water is running clear again.

Repeat the flushing process on the heater core.

Pour coolant into the radiator while the engine is running, to prevent the engine block from trapping the air.

Close the cap.

Tips & Warnings

Ensure that the engine has cooled before you start your inspection.

Never pour too much coolant. Overfilling is as bad as lack of coolant.

Keep coolants away from children. They are toxic.

Never drive your Jeep Cherokee when the temperature needle is in the red zone.

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