1987 Honda Civic Alternator Removal and Installation

The alternator in a 1987 Honda Civic powers a vehicle's electrical components while the engine is running. The alternator runs a constantly recharging current through the vehicle's battery. A malfunctioning alternator will eventually cause the battery to die and lead to breakdown. The alternator is a heavy component driven by a belt and is attached to the engine block of your Honda Civic. Replace the alternator when it fails to recharge the battery and run the electrical components of your vehicle.

Tools Used: Flathead screwdriver, Socket wrench, Socket wrench extender, New 1987 Honda Civic alternator

Install Alternator


Remove the air filter case by unscrewing the mounting bolts. Unscrew the bracket on the air intake hose. Remove the hose.

Remove the negative battery terminal to cut the electrical current to the engine.

Locate the alternator on the engine block. Remove the adjuster bolt from the engine block adjuster plate with a socket wrench. Swing the alternator toward the engine to release the drive belt form the alternator pulley.

Remove the through bolt underneath the alternator. Use the socket wrench extender to access the large through bolt. Lift the alternator out of the engine compartment.


Mount the new alternator on the through bolt. Thread the through bolt into the alternator while supporting it with your other hand. Tighten the through bolt with the socket wrench extended.

Thread the drive belt onto the new alternator pulley. Pull the alternator away from the engine block to release the slack from the belt. Insert and hand-tighten the adjuster bolt with the alternator in this position.

Tighten the adjuster bolt with the socket wrench. Make sure there is plenty of tension on the drive belt.

Replace the air intake hose and air filter box.

Tips & Warnings

Note the weight of the alternator and take care not to injure your fingers while handling, removing or installing the alternator.

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