1988-2005 Pontiac Grand Prix Make Parking Brake Adjustments

Get underneath your 1988 to 2005 Pontiac Grand Prix to adjust the parking brake. Make this simple adjustment to help with the safety of your car when you notice the parking brake does not hold the car on a slope. Save yourself time and money, avoiding the mechanics shop and doing the adjustment at home. Tackle this simple project and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

This process does not require tools.

Make Parking Brake Adjustments

Rear drum brakes Years 1988 to 2005

Apply the parking brake to 10 clicks and then release. Repeat five times. Turn your car on and verify the parking brake light is off.

Raise your car using the jack and jack stands. Turn the equalizer on the parking brake cables underneath your car. Use your pliers to turn this until the wheels brake starts dragging.

Back off the equalizer one full turn. Apply the parking brake and verify the wheels do not turn. Release the parking brake and verify the wheels turn freely.

Lower your car using the jack and remove the jack stands.

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