1988 Chevrolet S-10 Belt Tensioner Installation Instructions

The belt tensioner on the 1988 Chevrolet S-10 is a device that holds the proper amount of tension on the belt while the belt is traveling around each accessory pulley. The tensioner is a spring-loaded device that has a roller pulley attached to the end of the tensioner arm. As the belt is traveling under the roller pulley, the spring-loaded part of the tensioner keeps the belt tensioned inside of the pulleys. If the spring inside of the tensioner breaks or becomes weak, change it out immediately.

Tools Used: 1/2-inch drive breaker bar, 1/2-inch drive metric socket kit, Bungee cord, 1/2-inch drive ratchet, New accessory belt

Install Belt Tensioner

Inspect the top of the radiator shroud for the accessory belt routing. Install the new belt according to the routing directions on the diagram.

Locate the spring-loaded tensioner on the front left of the engine. Use the roller pulley bolt head to rotate the entire tensioner device.

Rotate the tensioner clockwise with a metric socket and the breaker bar from the roller pulley bolt head. Slide the belt off of the roller pulley and slowly release the breaker bar until the tensioner stops retracting.

Hang the belt to one of the top engine accessories with the bungee cord to prevent the belt from slipping out of the other pulleys.

Loosen and remove the single bolt in the middle of the belt tensioner arm. Turn it counterclockwise with the ratchet and a socket. Pull the bolt out, and set it in a safe place.

Pull the tensioner straight off the front of the engine block with your hands. Position the new tensioner onto the same area of the engine block, and screw the bolt back through the tensioner arm. Tighten the bolt with the ratchet and socket.

Remove the bungee cord from the belt. Turn the tensioner clockwise again, and slide the belt around the roller pulley that is attached to the new tensioner.. Release the tensioner, and the roller pulley will tighten the belt as it retracts against the belt.

Crank the 1988 Chevrolet S-10 engine, and inspect the new tensioner to make sure that it is moving up and down freely as the belt is traveling around the roller pulley.

Tips & Warnings

To make it easier to get the belt around the fan blades, position each fan blade to the top side of the engine. Pull the belt around each fan blade while it is positioned at the top of the engine.

Keep hands and tools away from moving parts while the engine is running.

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