1988 Chevrolet Corsica Heater Core Lines Removal Instructions

The heater core lines are two rubber hoses that send the engine coolant through the heater core and back out again. Removing the heater core lines from the core in a 1988 Chevy Corsica is a bit difficult compared to other newer vehicles, because the heater core is positioned very low in the engine compartment rather than up behind the instrument panel. While this makes removing the core itself a bit simpler, you will have to get under the car to reach and disconnect the hoses.

Tools Used: Wrench, Floor jack(s), Jack stands, Scissors or knife, Fluid catch pan

Remove Heater Core Lines

Disconnect the car's negative battery cable. If the cable uses a clamp, loosen the clamp nut with a wrench.

Position a fluid catch pan or other large container under the radiator, directly under the radiator drain plug. Remove the drain plug and let the coolant drain into the container, then move the container under the engine block drain plug and remove that plug to drain the remaining coolant.

Raise the car's front end using one or more floor jacks. Supporting the car on jack stands will make things much safer.

Grasp and pull off the heater hoses from the heater core. If they are stuck, twist them to break the seal. Cut them off with a knife or scissors only if they have hardened and deteriorated to the point where they won't come off.

Lower the car carefully off the jack stands if you are proceeding with any other tasks like removing the heater core.

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