1988 Mercedes 560SEL Fuel Pumps Removal & Replacement

All modern Mercedes cars and SUVs are equipped with electric fuel pumps. The fuel pump sits inside the gas tank of the vehicle. Its purpose is to draw fuel from the gas tank and pump it into the fuel lines, which lead to the engine. Like most automobile parts, the fuel pump will eventually fail and need to be removed and replaced. You should follow specific steps to ensure your new fuel pump is installed correctly.

Tools Used: Wrench, Pliers, Siphon, Siphon hose, Gas can, Jack stands, Wheel blocks, Flathead screwdriver, Socket set, Brass punch tool, Hammer, Ignition key

Remove & Replace Fuel Pumps

Prepare to Remove the Old Pump

Open the gas tank to relieve the pressure inside the fuel tank. Disconnect the battery cables. Use a wrench and pliers if the bolts are tight or corroded with battery acid.

Siphon as much fuel from the gas tank as possible and put the fuel into a gas can. Use a funnel to avoid spilling any gas and avoid siphoning with your mouth so that you don't ingest any gas fumes or gas.

Raise the vehicle on jack stands to access the gas tank underneath the Mercedes. If you only raise up the rear of the vehicle, put wheel blocks against the front two wheels of the car.

Disconnect the fuel filler tube from the gas tank with a flathead screwdriver, wrench or a socket set depending on the type of screw holding the filler tube in place. Set it aside near by.

Disconnect the fuel lines connected to the top of the fuel pump, which sits on top of the gas tank. Remove the lines by hand or with pliers.

Disconnect the Gas Tank From the Mercedes' Body

Hold up the bottom of the fuel tank with one hand or an object.

Loosen and remove the fuel tank straps holding the fuel tank to the body of the Mercedes with a socket or wrench. Inspect the fuel tank straps for any signs of corrosion, abnormal or dangerous wear or damages. Replace them if necessary.

Lower the fuel tank to the ground and pull it out from underneath the Mercedes so that you can access the fuel pump.

Remove and Replace the Old Pump

Remove the fuel pump locking ring that holds the pump to the gas tank with a brass punch tool and a hammer.

Pull out the fuel pump assembly from the gas tank and strainer connected to it.

Install and clean surface of the gas tank where the locking ring will go. Install the new fuel pump assembly, including the strainer that comes with it, into the gas tank.

Reinstall the locking ring with a hammer and punch tool.

Prepare the Car to Drive

Reattach the fuel lines and fuel filler tube to the gas tank and install it back into its proper place on the body of Mercedes with the metal straps.

Lower the jacks on the car and reattach the battery cables to the battery.

Turn the car on and inspect for any fuel leaks or other problems.

Tips & Warnings

Always use a brass punch to remove the locking ring of the fuel pump to avoid accidentally starting a fire from any residual car fuel.

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