1989 Ford F-150 4X4 Front Brake Rotor Removal Instructions

The front brake rotors on a 1989 Ford F-150 4X4 are part of the braking system of the vehicle. When the caliper compresses the brake pads onto the brake rotor, both the pads and rotor sustain wear. When the pads wear down and need to be replaced, the brake rotor should also be removed and inspected. Once you have inspected the rotor, you can decide whether you should have it resurfaced by a professional or replaced entirely. But first you have to remove the rotor, which is a fairly straightforward job.

Tools Used: Jack, Jack stands, Tire iron, 3 feet of rope, Hammer, Pointed chisel

Remove Front Brake Rotor

Raise the front of the F-150 with the jack. Position jack stands under the frame and lower the jack so the weight of the truck is supported by the stands. Unbolt the lug nuts on the wheels with the tire iron. Remove the wheels.

Locate the brake caliper, which goes around the brake rotor. Find the pin between the caliper bracket and the caliper. Tap the pin out from between the bracket and the caliper with the chisel and hammer.

Lift the caliper out and away from the rotor and hang it from the spring using the rope. Slide the rotor off the hub. Repeat the process for the rotor on the other front wheel.

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