How to Change the Rear Brake Pads on a 1989 Acura Legend

Learning how to change the rear brake pads on your Acura Legend can save thousands in repair bills over the life of the car. Although the rear brake pads never wear down as quickly compared to the front pads, they require annual maintenance as well. The main responsibility of the rear brakes is to help balance the car while coming to a stop. Excessive wear on the rear brake pads typically happen when the car's trunk is always full or overloaded. Changing the rear brake pads yourself is a simple task, which can be completed within one hour.

Tools Used: Flat-head screwdriver, Lug wrench, Car jack, Socket wrench set, 5 Gallon bucket, Needle-nosed pliers, Brake pads, No-Squeal silicone grease

Change the Rear Brake Pads

Removing the Rear Brake Pads

Pop the center cap off of the tire's rim with the flat-head screwdriver and set it to the side of the work area.

Crack the tire's lug nuts with the lug wrench. Only slightly loosen the lug nuts, don't take them off. Raise the car with the car jack, so that it is at minimum 8 inches off of the ground. Continue removing the lug nuts and place them in a safe area or in your pocket.

Slowly slide the car tire off of the hub. Keep an eye on your car jack to make sure it is steady before completely removing the tire. Place the tire on its side underneath the car, opposite the car jack. The rim and tire now represent an emergency car jack, if the other should fail.

Loosen and remove the bolt holding the plastic dust cover in place with your socket wrench. Place the cover and bolt safely to the side of the work area.

Remove the two caliber bolts on the inner left and right side of the brake caliber. Slide them all the way out of their sleeve.

Place the 5 gallon bucket near you so that it is fairly close to being under the wheel well. Using both hands, slide the brake caliber assembly off slowly and place it on the top of the bucket. Make sure the brake line isn't pulled to tight or is being stressed.

Remove the brake pads from the front and back of the brake rotor. Take the shims and retaining springs off as well.

Installing the Rear Bake Pads

Carefully inspect the new brake pads to make sure that they aren't damaged. Make sure the shape and size of the brake pads are the same. Compare both old and new brake pads side by side.

Use the needle-nosed pliers to retract the piston on the caliber assembly. Turn the piston clock-wise to retract it completely down.

Lay the new brake pads out in front of you. Squeeze two horizontal lines of the no-squeal silicone grease on the back of both brake pads. Return the brake pads to their position on the brake rotor, exactly how you removed the old pads. Place the shims and springs back into position as well.

Mount the caliber assembly and return each of its bolts by hand. Tighten the caliber bolts carefully, stop tightening one-quarter turn past hand tight. Return the dust cover and its bolt to their position.

Slide the car tire back on to the hug gently. Return each lug nut by hand to ensure proper threading. Lower the car so that the wheel is just barely touching the ground. Continue tightening the lug nuts to secure the tire. Completely lower the car and replace the center cap on the rim. Start the car and pump the brakes until they firm up. This procedure can be repeated for the opposite rear pads on your Legend as well.

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