How to Fix the High Beam Lights on a 1989 BMW 525i

When a high beam bulb burns out in your 1989 BMW 525i, your visibility in dark conditions suffers considerably. The 1989 525i uses separate bulbs in each headlight assembly for the high and low beam functions. When the high beam bulb fails, the low beam bulb typically remains functional. You can replace the high beam bulb at home in minutes with a 9005 high beam headlight bulb from an auto parts retailer.

Tools Used: Wrench set

Fix High Beam Lights

Raise the hood of your 1989 BMW 525i. Remove the negative battery cable, using a wrench to loosen the battery cable connection.

Pull the plastic cover off the back of the light assembly. Pull the wiring harness connection off the back of the inside, high beam bulb. The outer bulb is low beam. Turn the bulb counterclockwise to remove it from the assembly.

Pull the bulb straight back out of the 525i’s headlight assembly. Insert the new bulb and turn it clockwise to secure it. Reconnect the wiring harness by pressing the connector back into place.

Press the plastic cover back onto the rear of the headlight assembly. Repeat the process on the opposite light if needed. Reconnect the negative cable on the 525i’s battery. Tighten the cable with a wrench. Close the hood and test the lights.

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