How to Change the Starter on a 1989 Chevrolet Caprice

The Chevrolet 1989 Caprice remains a popular model because it is durable and not complicated to repair. Fortunately, the starter on most vehicles is not hard to replace, and on the '89 Caprice its replacement is closer to being easy than hard.

Tools Used: Ratchet wrench set, Adjustable wrench, Crate, 2 small wooden or concrete blocks, Car jack and 2 jack stands

Change the Starter

Park the vehicle in a dry, well-lit work area. Disconnect the red negative battery cable with your adjustable wrench. Activate the parking brake.

Jack the car up, one side at a time, placing jack stands under each side. Place a block behind each rear tire to keep the car from rolling.

Lay down under the car with your crate beside you and locate the starter. The starter on a '89 Chevrolet Caprice is on the right side where the motor and transmission meet.

Disconnect the two wires mounted to the solenoid with your adjustable wrench. The wires are black and white. The solenoid is black in color and oblong in shape.

Remove the one mounting rack that straps across the middle of the starter. Use your adjustable wrench to remove this rack.

Place the crate under the starter and proceed to disconnect the two large bolts that mount the starter to the motor. The bolts are 9/16 inch in size and you will have to use your ratchet wrench. Remove one bolt at a time and allow the starter to fall gently on to the crate.

Reverse these steps to install the new starter. Keep the battery disconnected until you are completely done.

Tips & Warnings

Wear rubber-bottomed boots whenever you are working with electrical items like this; they will absorb shock.

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