How to Control the External Speedlite on Your Canon EOS 6D

 When you mount a Canon EX Speedlite in the EOS 6D hot shoe, you can control the output with the camera menu and much more. If you have an EX II Speedlite, you have gobs of control. The following steps show the options you have available with an EX II Speedlite. The options may be different for your Canon Speedlite. Refer to your Speedlite manual for additional instructions.

1. To control flash with camera menu commands:

2. Insert a supported Canon Speedlite in the camera hot shoe and press the Menu button. The previously used menu displays.

3. Use the Multi-controller to navigate to the Shooting Settings 2 tab.

4. Use the Multi-controller or the Quick Control dial to highlight External Speedlite Control and then press the Set button.

The External Speedlite Control menu displays.

Use the Multi-controller or Quick Control dial to highlight the desired command and then press Set to see the options.

The following is a brief rundown of each option:

Flash Firing: Your options are to Enable or Disable flash firing. The only possible use for this menu command is if you have a flash unit on your camera at all times and want to disable it when you’re shooting outdoors and using the flash to fill in the shadows.

E-TTL Meter: This option determines how the camera meters the scene, which determines the amount of illumination the flash uses to properly expose the picture. Your options are Evaluative or Average.

Flash Sync in Av Mode: Choose from Auto, 1/180 to 1/60 auto, or 1/180. This option determines the shutter speeds that will be chosen when you use an external Speedlite with your camera.

Flash Function Settings: The options displayed vary depending on the flash unit you have attached to the camera. From this menu option you can enable second-curtain shutter sync, flash exposure compensation, flash bracketing, flash zoom, and so on.

Flash C.Fn Settings: This option enables you to control the external Speedlite’s custom functions from the camera menu. The options vary depending on the model flash you have attached to the camera. Refer to your flash manual for information about the flash custom functions you can control.

5. After changing the desired flash settings, press the Shutter button halfway. You’re back in shooting mode and ready to put your new flash settings to work.

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