How to Drain the Gas Tank on a 1988 Ford Econoline 350

If you've ever needed to replace an in-tank fuel pump, you know it's much easier if the gas tank is empty. If you've ever let your 1988 Econoline E350 sit for months on end, you might also need to drain the bad gas out of the tank before it will run properly. Before undertaking this project, make sure you know how to dispose of the old gasoline, if you don't intend to put it back in the tank. Most local fire stations can direct you to safe gasoline disposal.

Tools Used: Large gasoline-safe container, Liquid pump

Drain the Gas Tank

Place the large gasoline-safe container next to the Econoline's gasoline filler neck. You can purchase the container and the liquid pump at your local auto-parts store.

Run the inlet tube for the liquid pump down the Econoline's gas filler neck as far as it will reach. Place the outlet tube into the large container.

Follow the liquid pump's directions for pumping the gasoline out of the tank and into the large container. Most pumps consist of a handle and pump body, requiring you to hold the body with one hand while you manually pump the handle up and down to move the liquid from the tank to the container.

Dispose of the old gasoline safely, as determined prior to beginning this process. If you plan to put it back into the Econoline, simply reverse the inlet and outlet tubes and pump the liquid out of the container and back into the gas tank.

Tips & Warnings

Never perform fuel-system repairs while smoking or near open flames. Do not store gasoline in a residential home or garage.

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