How to Remove an Alternator on a 1989 Ford F250 6-Cylinder

The alternator of a vehicle works as a charger for the battery, keeping it full while the car or truck is on the road. In addition, the alternator regulates electrical charge to components in the engine. If your headlights dim when the vehicle is running, or your windows and other electrical devices begin to act sluggish, your alternator may have gone bad and need to be replaced. In order to keep your F250 in working condition, you will need to remove and replace the old alternator with a new one.

Tools Used: Set of wrenches, 1/2 inch socket set, Breaker bar ratchet

Remove Alternator

Park your F250 in a flat, safe environment and turn the engine off. Set the parking brake and allow the engine at least 30 minutes to cool down before opening the hood.

Pop the hood and disconnect the negative battery lead with either a wrench or a socket.

Locate the serpentine belt configuration diagram on the underside of the hood and follow the diagram to locate the belt tensioner and the alternator.

Slot the 1/2 inch socket over the end of the bolt that protrudes out of the belt tensioner pulley and attach the breaker bar ratchet. Apply pressure in the direction indicated on the diagram until the tensioner pulley moves into the "open" position and releases pressure on the serpentine belt. Slide the belt off the pulley and let the tensioner pulley fall back to its "closed" position. Slip the now-loose belt off of the alternator pulley.

Disconnect all of the wires from the alternator, marking them if necessary to keep track of how they should be replaced upon installation of the new alternator. Use a wrench or socket to remove the bolts holding the mounting bracket in place, and remove the old alternator from its spot in the engine. Place the new alternator in place and reattach the mounting brackets and bolts.

Reattach the wiring to the new alternator, and slide the slackened serpentine belt over the alternator pulley. Open the tensioner pulley with the breaker bar ratchet and socket and replace the serpentine belt over the tensioner pulley. Allow it to close slowly and tighten the belt. Attach the negative battery lead to the battery and close the hood of the truck. Start the engine and check to see that all of the electrical components are working properly, and that the battery stays charged.

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