How to Remove the Front Rotor on a 1988 Ford F-150

The front rotors on a Ford F-150 are what the brakes use to stop the vehicle. The brake caliper sits on top of the rotor and when you apply the brakes, the brake pads compress onto the rotor, causing the vehicle to come to a stop. Once the brake pads wear down, their rivets start to penetrate the face of the rotor, causing grooves. Once a rotor is grooved or worn out, it will need to be turned or replaced.

Tools Used: Truck jack, Lug wrench, Hex head wrenches, Open end wrenches, Socket set, Ratchet, Pliers, Flat head screwdriver, Small container, Jack stands

Remove Front Rotor

Park the truck on a flat surface. Jack the truck up and place the front axles on jack stands. Release the jack stands so that the front axles rest on them equally.

Remove the front tire with a lug wrench and set the tire to the side.

Remove the brake caliper that is sitting on top of the rotor. Do this by removing the top and bottom bolts on the caliper with a ratchet and a hex bit or star bit. Leave the brake line attached to the caliper.

Push the brake pads off of the rotor by prying them away with a flat head screwdriver. This will free the rotor up so that you will be able to remove the caliper from the rotor. Remove the brake pads and set them to the side.

Lift the caliper straight up off of the rotor and gently set the caliper down. Place the caliper to the side so that the brake line is not in a bind. Too much pressure of the caliper pulling on the brake line can cause the brake line to break.

Remove the front cap on the very front of the rotor. This cap holds the grease in the front part of the rotor.

Remove the cotter pin from the nut and the shaft with a screwdriver or a pair of pliers. Put the cotter pin and the nuts into a small container to keep up with everything.

Remove the front locking nut by using the proper size socket and a ratchet and extension. The front locking nut is a jam nut for the second nut. Put the nut into the container.

Remove the second nut, which is the spindle nut, and put it into the container.

Remove the washer that is holding the wheel bearing into place and place it into the container.

Remove the wheel bearing by either shaking the rotor or prying the wheel bearing out with a screwdriver. Gently set the wheel bearing inside of the container.

Slide the rotor straight off of the spindle and towards you by holding the rotor with both hands and pulling it straight towards you.

Tips & Warnings

Pull the hub straight out towards you so that the rear seal will not come out of its seat.

Be careful with the wheel bearings and set them down easily. A bent wheel bearing will have to be replaced.

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