How to Replace an Oxygen Sensor opn a 1989 Dodge Colt

Your vehicle may be getting old. Over time, parts can wear out and need to be replaced, such as an oxygen sensor. An owner of a 1989 Dodge Colt can replace the oxygen sensor at home. You may find that it is easier than you thought. All you need is a little patience and a few tools, and your vehicle can be operational in no time at all.

Tools Used: Wrench set, Socket set, Hammer, Anti-seize compound, Torque wrench

Replace Oxygen Sensor

Disconnect the old sensor wire connector. The sensor is located in the exhaust manifold, just above the connection to the exhaust pipe. Open the hood of the vehicle. The exhaust is facing you, in front of the engine. Remove the wire connector end of the oxygen sensor. The wire end has a quick disconnect plastic tab. Press down on the tab and remove.

Remove the oxygen sensor from the exhaust manifold. Use a proper wrench or socket to do this. If the sensor is difficult to remove, use an anti-seize compound. You may have to utilize a hammer to assist in loosening. Just tap the hammer against the wrench. Unscrew the oxygen sensor from the exhaust manifold.

Install the new oxygen sensor. You must first coat the threads on the new oxygen sensor with the anti-seize compound. Just a light coating will do the trick. Screw the new sensor back into the exhaust manifold. Use the torque wrench to torque to 30 foot-pounds. Reconnect the wire end. This will snap into place.

Start the vehicle's engine. The engine light may stay on for a minute or so. Allow the engine to run until the engine light shuts off. Your Dodge Colt should now be operational.

Tips & Warnings

An exhaust manifold will reach extremely high temperatures. Never do this procedure on a hot engine.

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