1989 Ford Ranger U-Joints Replacement Instructions

U-joints are the bearings that fit between the drive shaft and the differential and transmission. They allow the drive shaft to spin freely to put power to the rear or front differential. You will know if a u-joint is failing when you feel a vibration from the drive line wile you are driving. When you feel this vibration, it is important to check the u-joints for wear and replace them immediately.

Tools Used: Wheel chocks, 12mm box end wrench, Block of wood, Needle nose pliers, 3/4 socket, Hammer

Replace U-Joints

Apply the parking brake firmly and place a wheel block under the rear tires.

Use a marker or a piece of chalk and mark the ends of the drive shaft and the yoke so that, when you put the drive shaft back in, it is in the same position that it was before you took it out. Use a 12mm box end wrench and remove the four u-bolts at the ends of the drive shaft and remove the drive shaft.

Place the drive shaft on a flat surface and place a block of wood under one end near the u-joint so the u-joint is off the surface or ground. Use a set of needle nose pliers to pinch and remove the keeper rings on the end of the u-joint that is in the drive shaft.

Place a 3/4 socket on the end cap of the u-joint that is in the drive shaft and drive out the end cap on the other side of the u-joint with a hammer. Remove the end cap and rotate the drive shaft and drive the u-joint back through the drive shaft pushing the other end cap out. With the end caps removed, the u-joint should come right out.

Remove the end caps on the new u-joint and place the u-joint in the drive shaft. Tap one end cap into place with a hammer. Tap it in with a 3/4 socket far enough to install the retaining ring. Rotate the drive shaft over and tap the other end cap in the same way. If you get the end cap started and pushed down just below the surface of the drive shaft, and then start the retaining ring, you can tap the retaining ring down with the end cap until it snaps into the grove it sits in. This will prevent you from going too far with the end caps.

Put the other end caps on and put the drive shaft back under the vehicle. Make sure the marks you made line up and reinstall the u-bolts that hold the drive shaft in place.

Tips & Warnings

If you have the vehicle in neutral, you can rotate the drive shaft for better positioning on the u-bolts. Have the vehicle in gear when you tighten the u-bolts down after you reinstall the drive shaft.

Driving with a worn or damaged u-joint can result in serous injury. Replace worn or damaged u-joints promptly.

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