How to Increase My Mileage in a Ford Excursion

The Ford Excursion is a large SUV that offers several advantages, such as a spacious interior and the sense of security that comes with being surrounded by so much steel. However, because of its mass and the powerful engine necessary to propel it, the Ford Excursion is not especially noted for its fuel economy. But if you own an Excursion, you needn’t lose heart. There are things you can do to help your Excursion get better gas mileage. After all, the vehicle is not solely responsible for poor fuel economy; it can be the driver’s fault as well.

Slow down on the road. For every mile per hour you travel over 60, you burn more gas than at lower speeds. Because of its weight and dimensions, it takes a large amount of energy to push an Excursion through the air at increased highway speeds. This, in turn, burns gas at a higher rate.

Avoid aggressive driving. Accelerate slowly and use your brakes wisely. Hammering your gas pedal or slamming on your brakes is a good way to decrease your gas mileage.

Remove all unnecessary cargo from your Ford Excursion. These vehicles have extensive storage space, but you need to use it only when you must. Hauling extra weight will only cause the vehicle to use more gasoline. Consider removing any external add-ons that are aesthetic-only in nature, things such as grille guards, unused towing hitches, oversized mirrors and running boards or step bars.

Use the cruise control feature. This will help you keep the speed of your Excursion steady, avoiding the rapid acceleration that burns gas. Turn the cruise control off, however, if you're driving on hilly or mountainous terrain.

Avoid idling your Ford Excursion for excessive periods of time. It will actually save you money and gas if you turn the SUV off if you expect to be stopped for more than a few minutes, then start it when you're ready to move.

Perform regular maintenance on your Excursion. Making sure that your engine is running smoothly is important to maintaining good gas mileage. When you change your regular engine oil, replace it with a good synthetic as this will allow your engine to run more efficiently. Also check your tires regularly to ensure that they are fully inflated. Replace your air filter and install a performance air intake. Because the engine is so large on your Ford Excursion, it needs a hefty supply of clean air to keep it running at its best.

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