How to Refill the AC in a 1999 Dodge Dakota

All vehicles manufactured after 1995, including the 1999 Dodge Dakota, use R134a refrigerant to keep their AC, or air-conditioning, running cool. Over time, most air-conditioning units loose their refrigerant and eventually blow semi-cold air. Refilling your AC unit used to be expensive and you had to go to a dealer. However, you can now purchase a do-it-yourself refill kit from most popular auto part retailers and refill the AC in your 1999 Dodge Dakota yourself.

Step 1 - Thread the recharge service hose to the can of refrigerant. Turn the knob clockwise on top of the service hose to puncture the seal in the can. Turn the knob counterclockwise a small amount to push air out of the hose and then turn the knob clockwise to close the valve.

Step 2 - Remove the low side valve cap located between the accumulator and the compressor. The valve is the smaller of the two valves hooked to hoses going into the air compressor. The cap is black and the hoses are metal and silver. The service hose will only connect to the 13-mm low side valve.

Step 3 - Thread the coupler on the end of the service hose onto the low side valve.

Step 4 - Turn the Dakota on and turn the air-conditioning on full blast.

Step 5 - Turn the knob on the service valve counterclockwise to open it. The air conditioner sucks the refrigerant from the can into the AC unit. This can take up to 10 minutes per can. It may take several cans of refrigerant to refill the unit. Continue adding refrigerant until you reach 25 psi to 40 psi on the pressure gauge connected to the service hose.

Turn the knob on the service hose clockwise and remove the service hose from the low side valve. Thread the plastic cap onto the low side valve.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: AC refill kit with pressure gauge

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