How to Replace the Battery on a 1990 BMW 735Il

Continuous use of your automobile can cause the battery to eventually stop working and require a replacement. Usually this occurs long after it was covered by the warranty. This highlights the need to a get a replacement which provides the best value for money. When choosing a new battery for the BMW 735Il, the size and type of battery is important to ensure it will fit correctly. Consulting the owners manual and looking at the old battery is the best way to find out which type of battery is required.

Tools Used: Flathead screwdriver, Socket wrench, Open-end wrench, Crescent wrench

Replace the Battery

Open up the trunk of the BMW 735Il. On the right hand side you will find the luggage compartment under the carpeting. The luggage compartment is where the battery is kept.

Use both the open-end wrench and the crescent wrench to detach the positive and negative cables from the top of the old battery. Begin with the negative cable first. Once the cables are disconnected, carefully lift them out of the way.

Use the socket wrench to unfasten the bolts that hold the battery in place. Carefully remove the clips on the side of the battery.

Use the handle strap provided to carefully lift the battery off the battery terminal. If a handle strap is not present, use a sheet or a towel to lift the battery out to prevent injuring your hand.

Place the new battery in exactly the same position as the old battery. Reattach the clips and fix the bolts back in place using the socket wrench.

Fix the red wire to the positive connection and the black cable to the negative when reattaching the battery wires. An incorrect connection will stop the battery from working.

Put the luggage compartment cover securely back in place and place the carpet over the top. Test your new battery to ensure that it is connected and working correctly.

Tips & Warnings

When working on your vehicle be sure to wear overalls and protective gloves. Batteries contain acid that can be hazardous to your skin. To avoid serious exposure, do not touch the bottom of the battery as this is where most of the acid accumulates.

When removing the battery cables from your old battery ensure that the two cables do not touch each other. If this occurs it could cause your electrical system to short out, requiring you to seek professional assistance.

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