How to Replace a Fuel Filter on a 1990 Acura Integra

Replacing the fuel filter on your Integra can dramatically improve your car engine's performance. The fuel filter is responsible for eliminating dirt, water and debris from the gas before it reaches the engine. Bad fuel filters can cause your car to drag during take offs, or even have trouble starting. The Integra's fuel filter should be changed at regular intervals (at minimum once a year under normal driving conditions). Always practice safety when attempting any auto repair dealing with your car's fuel filtration system.

Tools Used: Socket wrench set, Black electrical tape, 3 bath or shop towels, Fire extinguisher--dry chemical (class B-C), White painter's tape, Fuel filter

Replace a Fuel Filter

Removing the Old Fuel Filter

Disconnect the negative cable from your car battery. Look for a "minus" symbol on the top of the battery, next to the cable. Wrap the entire metal end of the cable with the black tape. Use one of the towels to wrap around the cable as well, and then gently lay the cable down inside the engine compartment.

Locate the Integra's fuel filter on the passenger side, near the left wall, under the hood. It will have two metal tubes bolted to it, and it will resemble a small metal can.

Lay one of the towels on the ground, directly underneath the area of the fuel filter. Place the remaining towel under the fuel filter itself to catch possible gas drips.

Remove the Integra's gas filler cap and properly relieve the fuel system pressure. Make sure that the fire extinguisher is brought closer to your working area.

Mark each of the metal hoses going into the fuel filter with the painter's tape. Make sure the markings are clear and precise.

Slowly remove the three bolts mounted on the top of the fuel filter. There will be a small washer under each bolt, and one under each of the metal tubes--five in all. While removing the bolts, there may be a small amount of fuel that drips onto the towel.

Loosen the retaining clips bolt and slowly remove the fuel filter. Place it in a safe area, away from other components and out of direct sunlight.

Installing the New Fuel Filter

Check over the new filter carefully to make sure there are no cracks in it. Compare the new fuel filter with the old one as well, to make sure they're similar parts.

Place the new fuel filter in the exact position held by the old one. Tighten the retaining clip bolt to secure the fuel filter. Carefully bolt the metal hoses and all five washers back on to the fuel filter. Remove all of the painter's tape that you've used.

Remove the towel from under the fuel filter and the towel underneath the car. If the towels are wet from fuel leaking, let them totally dry before packing away.

Put the car's fuel filler cap back on properly. Remove the towel that surrounds the battery cable and the black tape covering it. Bolt the battery cable terminal back to the battery post.

Turn the key forward in the ignition to power up everything, but don't start the car. Wait five seconds for the fuel pump to engage and then start the car. Let the engine run for 10 minutes before you take the car for a test drive.

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