How to Supercharge Your Car

A supercharger is one of the easiest ways to increase the horsepower in your vehicle's engine. A supercharger works by forcing air into the engine to give more oxygen for combustion, which allows the vehicle to utilize more fuel and thus increase its power output. While similar to a turbocharger in some respects, a supercharger is more affordable and requires less expertise to install.

Step 1 - Park the vehicle on a flat area and set the parking brake. Give the engine at least an hour to cool down before installing the supercharger.

Step 2 - Raise the front of the vehicle with the lift and open the hood. Review the supercharger kit to determine the exact mounting location. Each supercharger is different, and may need to be installed in a different location.

Step 3 - Install the drain hose from the kit onto the supercharger's drain fitting. Secure it with a hose clamp and place the supercharger on the engine to double-check the mounting specifications. Ensure that the oil drain line is pointing down, and there is enough room to attach the oil line to the drain on the oil pain. Attach the idler assembly to the supercharger unit.

Step 4 - Slot the intake elbow into the corresponding area on the supercharger. Use the rubber mallet to help push the intake elbow into place if it can't be moved by hand. Follow this up by inserting the black elbow piece over the inlet so it runs to the fender. Check the manufacturer's instructions to see if you need to cut a hole for the air temperature sensor. Drill accordingly if you do.

Find the tube that is connected with the airflow meter and attach the intake elbow. Lock in place with hose clamps over the end of the inlet tube. Slide the blue rubber hose over the end of the tube between the elbow and the inlet tube itself. Double check all of your connections, lower the vehicle, close the hood and start the engine to test out the new supercharger.

TIPS: Supercharger designs vary between vehicle makes and models. While different manufacturers have different designs, the overall installation process for a supercharger remains the same across the board. Read through the installation instructions for your particular supercharger to determine if you need a car lift or not.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Car lift, Hose clamps, Wrench set, Socket set, Supercharger kit, Rubber mallet, Drill with appropriate-sized bit (optional depending on kit purchased), Safety glasses

WARNINGS: Always wear safety glasses when working underneath a vehicle.

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