How to Use an Exxon Mobil Gas Card

An ExxonMobil gas card is a gift card that can be used to pay for your gas at the fuel pump or for purchasing items and gas in the convenience store at Exxon or Mobil stations. The cards come in denominations of $25, $50 and $100 and can be purchased at the gas station or through the ExxonMobil website. ExxonMobil gas cards work just like a credit card and can be used in a rewards program for employees of your business or as gifts for friends and family.

Use You ExxonMobil Gas Card to Pay at the Fuel Pump

Step 1 - Check your balance on the card. The gift card operates with a declining balance, so every time you use the card, the balance will diminish until it reaches zero. You can check the balance by calling the customer service number listed on the back of the card and entering your account number when prompted.

Step 2 - Insert the card into the card reader on the fuel pump as directed.

Choose your fuel grade and pump your gas.

Use You ExxonMobil Gas Card to Pay in the Convenience Store

Step 1 - Take any items that you wish to purchase to the cashier and tell him how much gas you wish to purchase. The cashier will total the amount of the products and gasoline that you are going to purchase.

Step 2 - Swipe your ExxonMobil gas card, or give it to the cashier.

Step 3 - Sign the receipt to authorize the use of your gift card.

Select your fuel grade and pump the gasoline.

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