How to Change the Oil on a 2001 Ford Explorer V6

Items you will need: Socket wrench, Socket set, Drain pan, Oil filter, 5 quarts engine oil, Clean rag, Pen and paper

The 2001 Ford Explorer is known for its long life and durability. To ensure the truck achieves high mileage and dependability, change the oil every 3,000 miles. The oil lubricates the engine components and removes heat. Without fresh oil, the components in the engine will seize up and cause the engine to break down. This can result in costly engine repairs or even the cost of a new engine. Keep a journal each time the oil is changed. Notate the date and mileage so it can be referenced for each interval.

Park the Ford Explorer on a flat and level surface. Set the parking brake. Open the hood. Locate the oil drain pan underneath the engine. Place a drain pan underneath the oil pan to catch all the oil.

Unscrew the drain plug with a socket wrench. Let all the oil drain into the drain pan. Screw the drain plug back in to the oil pan when the oil stops pouring.

Locate the oil filter directly in front of the oil pan. Unscrew it from the oil filter housing with an oil filter wrench. Place the old filter in to the drain pan with the waste oil.

Fill a new oil filter with fresh oil. Wipe some of the oil around the black gasket around the top of the filter. Screw the new filter to the housing by hand. Do not wrench tighten the filter. Doing so might strip the threads on the filter housing or filter, and could cause an oil leak.

Locate the oil fill cap on the top of the engine. Unscrew the cap by hand and pour in four quarts of engine oil.

Pull the engine oil level dipstick, located next to the oil cap, out of the tube. Wipe it clean with a rag. Insert the dipstick back into the tube and pull it back out. Examine where the oil stops on the dipstick. Add oil if the oil does not stop at the full mark. Pour oil in at half-quart intervals until the level reads full.

Start the Explorer. Let it idle for five minutes. This will circulate the oil through the engine. Turn the truck off and let it sit for an additional five minutes. Check the oil level one more time. Add more oil if the oil level is not on the full mark of the dipstick.

Write the current mileage of the Ford Explorer on a piece of paper that can be referenced later. This will help ensure the oil gets changed in proper intervals.

Tips: Consult your local Ford dealer for the recommended oil type to use in the area the truck is operated in. The Ford Explorer holds five quarts of engine oil.

Warnings: Contact a local recycling center or the automotive parts store for disposal of the used oil and oil filter.

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