How To Disable Sunfire Theft Protection

Anti-theft systems protect vehicles from intruders entering and breaking in to your car. False alarms may prevent you from turning on your own vehicle, and you may want to disable your anti-theft system to prevent these types of issues. Disabling the anti-theft system in a Sunfire can be done in a few steps.

Step 1 - Insert your key into the ignition. Turn the key forward until it can go no further, without starting the vehicle.

Step 2 - Press and hold the "Valet/Override" button located under the dash. Hold the button until the blinking LED light on your dash is solid. Switch your "Valet" button to "Off" if you have a button labeled "On/Off." Your alarm should now be reset. If you wish to enable the alarm, repeat these steps to turn the alarm back on.

Remove wires from your battery if you wish to temporarily turn off your alarm. Disconnect the wire connected to the main power source to permanently disarm your alarm. Trace all wires connected to your battery and disconnect them. If you have no familiarity with your vehicle's wiring, you should take your vehicle to a neighborhood installer to disconnect the wires for you.

TIPS: If you decide to disconnect or cut wires in your vehicle it is recommended that you seek professional help from your local installation car dealer. View your owners manual to help you with disabling your alarm system. If you do not have an owners manual you can view one from the dealers website.

WARNINGS: Tampering with wires can cause complications with your vehicle and should be done with extreme caution.

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