How to Reset the Service Engine Light on a Chevy Truck

Every Chevrolet truck built with an on-board computer has a service engine light. The purpose of this light is to alert the driver of any malfunctions in the drive train management system. Once you've retrieved the diagnostic trouble codes, troubleshot the system and repaired the fault, you'll need to erase the codes before the light will turn off. If you have basic automotive repair skills, or IT experience, you can perform this task in less than 30 minutes.

Step 1 - Connect the datalink cable to the diagnostic port located below the Chevy's dashboard near the steering column. The port looks similar to a laptop computer printer port.

Step 2 - Turn on the ignition. Follow your scan tool's specific operating instructions for running a quick test on the Chevy's electronic control module.

Erase the Chevy's diagnostic trouble codes when prompted to do so by the scan tool. Complete the test and unplug the datalink cable.

TIPS: Never erase the codes unless you've diagnosed and repaired the concern. Simply erasing the codes will not correct the problem, and in some cases can actually allow the initial problem to damage other components in your truck. You can buy a scan tool at most tool vendors and auto-parts stores.


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