Location of the Fuel Pressure Regulator on a 1999 Suburban

The fuel pressure regulator controls the amount of fuel each of your Suburban’s eight fuel injectors receive during engine operation. When the engine’s vacuum pressure is high, the regulator opens a valve that allows excess fuel to return to the gas tank. A defective fuel pressure regulator will not perform this action. As a result, the engine might have problems staying started, or the fuel injector could get damaged. You can locate the fuel pressure regulator on your 1999 Suburban in less than 10 minutes.

Step 1 - Raise and support the hood on your 1999 Suburban. Walk over to the passenger’s side of the truck. Face the engine so that you are looking toward the driver’s side.

Step 2 - Peer across the top of your Suburban’s engine. From the top, center of the engine, less than one foot down on each side, you should see two metal tubes. Those are your Suburban’s fuel rails. The fuel rails hold your truck’s eight fuel injectors. The rear fuel rail also has your Suburban’s fuel pressure regulator attached to it.

Locate the fuel pressure regulator on the rear fuel rail. Looking at the fuel rail, you should see four parts that resemble spark plugs but are actually four of your Suburban’s eight fuel injectors. At the very center of the fuel rail, you should see a round part that resembles a doorbell. It has two black hoses connected to it. This is your `99 Suburban’s fuel pressure regulator.

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