How to Change Oil in a Honda ATV

Honda ATV engines are similar on every model and the process for changing the engine oil is the same for all models. Under the oil pan is a metal plug that you'll need to remove to drain the oil from the oil pan. When you fill the oil pan with oil, you'll need to remove a small screw on the side of the oil pan. Once you see oil start to come out of that hole you need to stop pouring oil into the oil pan.

Step 1 - Allow the engine to cool off before you start to change the oil. Slide an oil drain pan under the drain plug on the bottom of the engine.

Step 2 - Remove the oil drain plug using the ratchet set. Allow all of the engine oil to drain from the oil pan. Replace the drain plug in the oil pan.

Step 3 - Remove the small screw on the side of the oil pan using the Allen wrench. Remove the oil pan cap from the top of the oil pan.

Step 4 - Pour Honda ATV 4-stroke engine oil into the oil pan until you see the engine oil coming out of the small hole on the side of the oil pan.

Step 5 - Replace the small screw in the side of the oil pan. Run the engine to circulate the new engine oil.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Oil drain pan, Ratchet set, Honda ATV Allen wrench, Honda ATV engine oil

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