How to Change Engine Oil in an Acura 3.2 Tl 2003

The Acura 3.2 TI 2003 is a mid-size sports car. The oil in this model is housed in the oil pan on the bottom of the engine. On the bottom of the oil pan is a metal drain plug that will need to be removed to drain the old engine oil from the oil pan. On the side of the oil pan is an oil filter. The oil filter will need to be changed as well during this process.

Step 1 - Lift the left front side of the Acura off of the ground using a jack. Rest the front left side of the Acura on a jack stand.

Step 2 - Place a drain pan under the drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan. Remove the oil drain plug using the ratchet set. Allow the engine oil to drain completely from the oil pan. Replace the drain plug at the bottom of the engine and tighten.

Step 3 - Connect the oil filter tool to the oil filter on the side of the oil pan. Unscrew the oil filter from the engine and remove it. Fill the new oil filter with new engine oil and screw it into the engine where the old filter was.

Step 4 - Use the jack to remove the jack stand and lower the Acura to the ground. Open the hood and remove the oil cap from the engine. Pour four quarts of 5w30 engine oil into the engine. Replace the oil cap onto the engine. Run the engine to circulate the new engine oil.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Jack, Jack stand, Drain pan, Ratchet set, Oil filter tool, Oil filter, Engine oil

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