How to Install a CD Player in a 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage

The standard stereo in the 2001 Mitsubishi Mirage is an AM/FM stereo deck with single-disc CD player. Optional systems include a multi-disc CD changer. Mirage owners who seek to upgrade their factory stereo can swap the stock stereo for a new CD player themselves. Purchase the requisite adapters to make the connection of your new stereo a near seamless process.

Step 1 - Open the hood of the Mirage and disconnect the negative battery cable from the vehicles negative battery terminal. Loosen the cables clamp with a 10 millimeter wrench and remove it from the battery altogether. Move to the inside of the car.

Step 2 - Pull the ashtray from its compartment within the dashboard.

Step 3 - Grab the trim panels that surround the factory stereo on both sides. Pull the panel from the dashboard until it snaps free.

Step 4 - Remove the two bolt screws on either side of the Mirages stereo bracket with a 7 mm socket and drive.

Step 5 - Slide the factory stereo from the stereo dock and disconnect the stereo wiring and antenna cable from the back of the unit.

Step 6 - Connect the stereo wiring to a wiring harness adapter. Plug the plastic stereo connectors directly into the harness leads.

Step 7 - Slide the aftermarket CD players installation sleeve into the stereo dock. Fold the metal tabs inside the sleeve with a flat screwdriver to secure the sleeve into the Mitsubishis dock.

Step 8 - Feed the stereo wiring with wiring harness adapter attached, as well as the antenna cable through the installation sleeve and to the front of the stereo dock.

Step 9 - Plug the wiring harness adapter leads into the outlets on the rear panel of the new CD player. The signal and power outlets are commonly found on the bottom right corner of the CD player.

Step 10 - Plug the antenna cable into the outlet labeled "FM ANT" usually located on the corner of the CD players rear panel opposite the stereo wiring outlets.

Step 11 - Slide the CD player into the dock until it snaps into place within the Mirage's dash.

Step 12 - Align the trim panel around the stereo dock and press firmly to snap it back against the dashboard. Return the ashtray to its slot. Return to the Mitsubishis engine compartment.

Step 13 - Place the negative battery cable clamp back around the Mitsubishis negative battery terminal. Tighten the cables clamp to the negative post with the wrench. Close the Mirages hood.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: 10 millimeter wrench, 7 millimeter socket and drive, Wiring harness adapter, Aftermarket installation sleeve, Flat screwdriver

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