How to Power Shift a Car

Shifting gears in a manual transmission car requires a specific period in which the engine cannot transfer energy to the wheels due to a disengaged clutch disk. Power shifting is an advanced technique used to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for the clutch disk to fully engage, allowing for significantly faster shifting.

Step 1 - Disengage the clutch disk by pressing the clutch pedal completely. After doing so, shift the car into first gear while keeping the clutch pedal depressed.

Step 2 - Place the car in motion by releasing the clutch pedal while simultaneously pressing the gas pedal as far as possible in one smooth motion.

Step 3 - Allow the car to come close to redline (the point on your vehicle's tachometer usually marked red, which indicates unsafe RPM levels) and, while keeping the gas pedal fully depressed, press on the clutch pedal quickly.

Step 4 - Shift the car into second gear as quickly as possible and, keeping the gas pedal fully depressed, release the clutch pedal explosively. Repeat this process until the car reaches your desired speed or until you shift the car to its final gear.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Manual transmission vehicle

WARNINGS: Take extra caution when power shifting, as it adds significantly more stress the the car's mechanical components than regular shifting, which could cause breakdown. Only power shift when necessary.

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