How to Clean the Dodge IAC Valve

Dodge is a brand of vehicles designed and manufactured by the Chrysler Group. Dodge vehicles include automobiles, minivans, sport utility vehicles and trucks. Every Dodge vehicle comes equipped with an IAC (idle control) valve. The IAC valve controls the amount of air that enters the engine while the vehicle idles. This process prevents the vehicle from stalling. If your Dodge begins to stall frequently, the IAC valve should be cleaned.

STEP 1 - Park the Dodge vehicle and allow it to cool for a half hour. This will prevent potential serious burns. Open the hood of the vehicle.

STEP 2 - Locate the IAC valve: The IAC is found on the throttle body, and it is a cylinder-shaped component. Look for a three-wire connector coming out of the valve. Refer to your repair manual, if needed.

STEP 3 - Disconnect the electrical connector: Pull the connector straight off the valve and place it to the side, to avoid damage. Notice the two screws holding the valve in place. Remove the two screws, using a socket wrench. The valve is now loose enough to be removed. Pull the valve straight off the throttle body.

STEP 4 - Spray throttle body cleaner onto the valve mount. Clean the mount using a clean rag. This will ensure a clean connection when the valve is reinstalled.

STEP 5 - Spray cleaner directly on the valve. Clean the valve completely, using a rag, and if needed, a wire brush. The wire brush is ideal for cleaning built-up debris such as carbon deposits. Continue to clean the valve until all dirt and debris are gone.

STEP 6 - Reinstall the newly-cleaned IAC valve onto the throttle body. Align the holes on the valve with the mount holes for the two screws. Replace each screw and tighten, using the socket wrench. Plug the electrical connector back into the valve. The valve is now cleaned and ready for use. Close the hood of the Dodge vehicle.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Repair manual, Socket wrench, Throttle body cleaner, Wire brush, Rag

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