How to Change Lightbulbs in a Mercedes SLK

According to the Mercedes SLK's user manual, there are several light bulbs you can replace on your own. These include lights on the front lighting assembly, which are the low beam headlights, high beam headlights, front turn signals and parking lights. You can also replace the license plate bulbs. Wear gloves throughout the procedure to prevent damage to the new light bulbs.

Replacing Front Light Bulbs

Step 1 - Shut off the SLK's engine and remove the key. Turn the headlight dial next to the steering wheel to "0" to prepare the front lighting assembly for maintenance. Open the hood.

Step 2 - Look at the back of the lighting assembly. Determine which light bulb you want to replace. The bulb closest to the grille on either side is the low-beam headlight, which is your primary headlight. The bulb next to it is the turn signal. The bulb next to the turn signal on the other side is the high-beam headlight. Beneath the high-beam headlight you'll find the parking light.

Step 3 - Remove the light bulb's cover. Grasp the black cover and gently turn it counter-clockwise. Grasp the bulb's socket and turn it counter-clockwise as well. Pull it toward you to take it out. Pull the glass bulb from the socket.

Step 4 - Push the new light bulb into the socket and re-insert the socket. Turn it clockwise. Replace the cover and turn it clockwise as well.

Replacing the License Plate Light Bulbs

Step 1 - Turn the SLK's engine off and move the exterior light control to "0."

Step 2 - Determine which license plate bulb you want to replace. There is one lens on either side of the license plate.

Step 3 - Remove the two Phillips screws from the lens. Gently pull the lens away from the trunk lid. The bulb is visible on the rear of the lens.

Step 4 - Pull the bulb out of its socket and dispose of it. Insert the new bulb gently. Place the license plate light lens back into place and tighten the two Phillips screws.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Gloves, Phillips screwdriver, H7 bulb (low and high beam headlight), 3457A bulb (front turn signals), 2825 bulb (parking light), 6418 bulb (license plate lights)

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