How to Replace the Bulb on a Volvo 850

"I roll" is the Latin meaning for "Volvo," the car released from the factory in Gothenburg, Sweden in April 1927. Volvo focused on safety features starting in 1957, the year when Volvo went international and introduced its cars to the U.S. At that time, Volvo became the first car manufacturer worldwide to install three-point safety belts as a standard in all of its cars. Still focusing on safety, Volvo introduced the Volvo 850 CLT in June 1991, the first car in the world with a side airbag.

Headlight Bulb

Step 1 - Turn the ignition and light switch to the "Off" position.

Step 2 - Remove the plastic headlight bulb cover by turning it counterclockwise.

Step 3 - Remove the headlight bulb by turning the bulb and electrical connector 1/4 turn counterclockwise.

Step 4 - Unplug the wiring from the headlight bulb, then plug a new HB2/9003 halogen headlight bulb into the wiring. Make certain you pick the halogen bulb up by the plastic or metal base, not by the glass bulb. Touching the bulb with your hands can transfer oil from your skin onto the bulb, and damage the reflector.

Step 5 - Place the bulb into the headlight housing, then turn the bulb 1/4 turn clockwise to secure it. The headlight housing has three guide lugs, which help keep the unit in place.

Step 6 - Replace the plastic headlight bulb cover, turning it clockwise to secure it.

Sedan Tail Light Bulb

Step 1 - Turn off the light switch and ignition.

Step 2 - Open the trunk hood to get to the tail light unit. The tail light unit has six bulbs.

Step 3 - Open the tail lamp cover by turning two plastic screws.

Step 4 - Press in the tail light bulb that you want to remove, then turn the bulb counterclockwise to remove it from the bulb holder. Keep the electrical connector wires attached to the holder.

Step 5 - Place a new tail light bulb into the bulb holder, then replace the tail lamp cover, tightening the two plastic screws. Use 5-watt BA 15s bulbs to replace the top two bulbs, and 21-watt BA 15s bulbs to replace the remaining four bulbs.

Front Courtesy Bulb

Step 1 - Turn the ignition and light switch to the "Off" position.

Step 2 - Loosen the glass lens of the courtesy bulb by inserting a screwdriver underneath the lens, turning it carefully. Pull the lens downward.

Step 3 - Remove the old bulb, replacing it with a new, 5-watt BA 9s bulb. Press the glass courtesy lens into place.

License Plate Bulb

Step 1 - Turn off the light switch and ignition.

Step 2 - Unscrew the two screws located on the glass lens, using a Phillips-head screwdriver. This screwdriver has a cross or "X" shape at the tip.

Step 3 - Loosen the glass lens by inserting the screwdriver, then turning it carefully.

Step 4 - Remove the old bulb and replace it with a new, 5-watt 2.1 x 9.5d license plate light bulb. Press in the glass lens, then tighten the two screws with the screwdriver to secure it.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: HB2/9003 halogen headlight bulb, 5-watt BA 15s tail light bulb, 21-watt BA 15s tail light bulb, 5-watt BA 9s front courtesy light bulb, 5-watt 2.1 x 9.5d license plate light bulb, Phillips-head screwdriver

WARNINGS: Always use bulbs with the correct voltage and type; otherwise, the bulb failure warning light may become activated.

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