How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Saturn VUE

How to Drop the Oil Pan in a Saturn VUE. The Saturn VUE is considered a compact crossover SUV. Produced by General Motors, the VUE has been in production since 2002. The manufacturer produced this vehicle with several engine sizes, but the 2.2L engine is the most common. The oil pan found in the VUE may need replacement if it requires repair.

Position the vehicle on a safe, flat surface. Follow the directions on the jack and jack stands to properly raise and support the VUE.

Place an oil drip pan under the engine oil pan, located at the center of the engine block, under the vehicle. Use a wrench to disconnect the oil drain plug at the back of the oil pan to allow the oil to drain into the drip pan. Allow the oil to drain for at least ten minutes.

Look under the hood to find the negative battery cable at the front of the vehicle on the battery and use a wrench to remove. Locate the oil dipstick tube next to the oil cap on the left side of the engine and twist while pulling towards you. This will loosen the dipstick so it can be removed.

Install an engine support fixture on the VUE following the directions provided to you by the engine support fixture manufacturer. This provides support for the engine while you disconnect and remove some key support bolts.

Remove the right-hand engine mount and then raise the engine about three inches using the support tool. Do not raise the engine any more than this.

Disconnect the lower air conditioner compressor bolt located next to the oil pan using a wrench. Use a wrench to remove each of the bolts along the edges of the oil pan, which will allow it to drop off.

Pry the oil pan off the engine block if necessary. Use a flat bladed tool to do this.

Warnings: Since you will need to support the engine of the vehicle, follow all recommendations by the support manufacturer to remain safe and to protect the engine.

Items you will need: Jack and jack stands, Oil drip pan, Wrench, Engine support device, Flat bladed tool

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