How to Turn Off Hazard Lights on a Honda Accord

The Honda Accord debuted in 1976 as a compact car, making the transition to a mid-sized car in 1994. The vehicle comes equipped with a hazard light system that engages all four turn signals at the press of a button. The four flashing turn signals let other drivers on the road know you're having car trouble and need some space between your car and faster moving vehicles. Understand how to operate the hazard lights in hour Honda Accord to help ensure your safety in an emergency.

STEP 1 - Locate the hazard warning light control positioned in between the two center vents on the dashboard.

STEP 2 - Press the hazard button to engage the four-way flashing emergency lights.

STEP 3 - Press the hazard button a second time to turn the flashing emergency lights off.

TIPS: It is a good idea to also keep road flares and a reflector triangle in the trunk of your car, in case of an emergency. If you have car trouble and have pulled off to the side of the road, keep your hazard lights on, as well as place the reflector triangle about five feet from the back of your vehicle. Then place one road flare about every 7 feet behind the reflector triangle until you have put at least four road flares out in the road. This will help speeding drivers notice your vehicle more quickly. Also, if the car trouble you are experiencing involves your battery or alternator, then the hazard lights probably will not turn on. Having the road flares and reflector triangle will greatly enhance your safety in this instance, especially if the incident happens either at night or in a really long tunnel where it is dark.

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