How to Search Car Features by a Car's VIN

Your car's VIN number is a source of information that is unique to your vehicle. Most people know that you can use the VIN number to find out if the car was ever in any accidents or totaled by getting a vehicle history report on it. However, they may not realize that you find out a lot of information about your car just by decoding the VIN number. The VIN number contains information about when the vehicle was built, where it was built and what features and options it came with when it was manufactured.

STEP 1 - Find your car's VIN number and write it down. The VIN number is located in a variety of locations on the car's body and frame as well as on the title, insurance paperwork and registration.

STEP 2 - Enter the VIN number into a VIN number decoding program. You can either use the general free VIN decoder provided by the website Decode This, or check your car manufacturer's website to see if it provides a brand-unique VIN decoder.

STEP 3 - Contact your vehicle's manufacturer or your local car brand dealership and provide workers there with the VIN number. They will be able to provide you with a list of features and options that your car is equipped with by entering your VIN number into their computer database.

TIPS: You also can manually decode your VIN number, but it can be complicated due to the various letters and numbers used to designate different manufacturers and different options.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: vehicle identification number

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