1983 Ford Mustang Headlamp Switch Removal Instructions

The 1983 Ford Mustang was equipped with a mechanically operated headlamp switch. The switch activated the headlamps, but also could be rotated to adjust the intensity of the dashboard lights. Within the switch are several electrical contacts. Attached to the contacts are two wiring harnesses. The wiring harnesses are wrapped in heavy electrical tape. For this reason, a problem with the headlights is most likely caused by a defective switch rather than by a wiring problem.

Tools Used: Open-end wrench, Ford Tool Number T65L-700-A

Headlamp Switch Removal

Unfasten the clamp that secures the negative battery cable to the negative battery terminal by rotating the clamp's nut in a counterclockwise direction with an open-end wrench.

Lift the negative battery cable off of the battery. Pull the headlight control knob to the "On" position.

Access the knob release button from underneath the dashboard. The knob release button is located on the side of the switch. Depress the knob release button and pull the control knob out of the front of the switch.

Rotate the bezel that surrounds the front of the headlight switch by turning the bezel in a counterclockwise direction with Ford Tool Number T65L-700-A until the bezel detaches from the switch. The bezel is the metal ring that secures the front of the switch to the dashboard. The tool fits into the three grooves that are cut into the face of the bezel.

Lower the switch from behind the dashboard. Pull the two wiring harness connectors off of the sides of the switch.

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