1983 GMC Truck Windshield Installation Instructions

You can install a windshield in your 1983 GMC truck right in your driveway, saving you time and money. Besides keeping you safe from rocks and other road debris, your truck's windshield helps keep the roof from caving in if the truck should roll over. Since the windshield serves such a vital function, it is very important to replace it when it becomes cracked or chipped. If you don't replace it, the windshield may eventually shatter. Save some money and try to locate a GMC truck windshield from an auto wrecking yard.

Tools Used: Flathead screwdriver, Tape, Razor knife, New rubber gasket, Wet terry cloth, Sealant, Replacement windshield, Petroleum jelly, Nylon cord

Install Windshield

Remove one of the base screws on the rear view mirror with a flat head screwdriver and slide the mirror out of its bracket.

Pry off each windshield wiper by inserting the screwdriver between the retaining nut and the wiper arm and rocking it back and forth until it comes off. Set the wipers aside.

Tape up the dashboard vents to prevent small pieces of glass from getting inside.

Remove the rubber gasket from around the windshield with a razor knife. Push the windshield out of the GMC truck from the inside out. Have an assistant catch it from the outside.

Clean all the parts with a wet cloth, including the gasket, frame and dashboard. Put the new gasket in a warm, sunny place to make it more flexible.

Apply a layer of sealant to the bottom part of the gasket channel. Slip the gasket around the windshield. Make sure you put the side with the slit facing outside of the truck.

Wipe petroleum jelly into the gasket's groove and slip a nylon cord into the groove. Work your way from the bottom center part of the gasket all the way around, making sure to leave at least a foot of cord hanging out on each end.

Mount the windshield into the truck's windshield frame from the outside of the vehicle. Make sure you leave the rope ends hanging inside of the truck.

Pull on one of the cord ends slowly to bring the lip of the gasket inside the truck. Instruct your assistant to push the gasket onto the frame from the outside while you tug on the cords from inside the truck. Allow the sealant to cure for at least 12 hours before driving.

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