1986 Chevrolet Spectrum Engine Removal Instructions

The Chevrolet Spectrum is a four-door economy car manufactured from 1985 to 1989. You can remove the engine from your 1986 Chevy Spectrum right from home if you rent an engine hoist. This large piece of equipment can be obtained from most equipment rental companies. All the other tools you'll need are basic automotive tools that you probably already have on hand if you've ever worked on your own car before.

Tools Used: Adjustable wrench, Large bucket, Screwdriver set, Socket wrench set, Large heavy chain, Grease pencil, Engine hoist, Assistant, Crowbar

Remove Engine

Raise up the hood and prop it up on the safety bar. Remove the battery cables with a wrench.

Locate the radiator in the front of the engine compartment and notice the hold down supports. Put a large bucket under the radiator and remove the cap. Also remove the lower radiator hose using a screwdriver. Wait for all of the fluid to drain into the bucket.

Remove the radiator hose that's on top of the radiator using a screwdriver set. Unbolt all the bolts from the hold down supports using a socket wrench. Lift the radiator out of the engine compartment.

Find two bolts on the engine and remove them with a socket wrench. Thread a large, heavy chain through the bolts and re-secure the bolts to the engine block with the socket wrench. This will be used to hoist the engine out of the compartment.

Find the bolts that attach the transmission to the engine and remove them with a socket wrench. Remove the bolts on the motor mounts to disengage the engine from the car. There is one motor mount near the top of the engine and one near the bottom.

Unplug the wiring from the harness and label each wire and connector using a grease pencil so that you will know where it goes when you put in the new engine.

Position the engine hoist next to the engine and put the chain over the hook on the hoist. Jack up the engine just until you see it rise out of the engine compartment.

Switch places with your friend and have your friend continue to jack up the engine while you jiggle the engine backwards and forwards with a crowbar. This will release it from the engine compartment. Move the engine away from the vehicle.

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