How to Install the Distributor Cap on a 1986 Chevrolet Corvette

The 1986 Chevrolet Corvette is the second year of the fourth-generation Corvettes. This model was equipped with a 350 cubic inch V8 with fuel injection. The ignition system on this model incorporated a distributor, distributor cap and rotor. The distributor cap is a maintenance item that should be changed when spark plug wires are replaced. The distributor is made of hard plastic and is used to conduct electrical current to each of the eight spark plugs.

Tools Used: T25 Torx screwdriver, Tape, Marker, 1/4-inch socket, Extension and ratchet

Install Distributor Cap

Remove the three Torx screws holding the distributor cover plate to the plenum cover. The distributor cover is located in the center of the engine, just forward of the firewall. Lift the cover from the engine compartment once the three screws are removed.

Wrap a piece of tape around each spark plug wire and number them one through eight. Note the location of the plug labeled number one to use for the mark when reinstalling the plug wires on the new distributor cap.

Remove each plug wire by gently pulling up on the base of each plug wire.

Remove the four screws from the base of the distributor cap using the ratchet, socket and extension. Lift the distributor cap straight up to remove it from the engine compartment.

Align the new distributor cap with the four bolt holes on the base of the distributor. Install and tighten the four screws with the socket, extension and ratchet.

Install the plug wires on the new distributor, following the number system used when removing the plug wires. Firmly press down on the plug wires until fully seated against the distributor cap. Remove the tape from each plug wire.

Install the distributor cover and tighten each of the Torx screws with the T25 screwdriver.

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