How to Remove an Ignition Switch on a 1985 Chevrolet Camaro

The ignition switch in your 1985 Chevrolet Camaro provides a way for the electrical power to the various circuits in your car to be turned off and on so the battery isn't discharged when the car is not in use. The heavy-duty contacts are designed to pass all of the electrical current needed to power the accessories in your car and to start the engine. Over time, these contacts wear and can no longer pass current to the electrical circuits.

Tools Used: Tools, Socket set, Wrench set, Screwdriver set

Remove an Ignition Switch

Disconnect the negative battery cable by removing the 5/16-inch bolt from the center of the cable end using a 5/16-inch wrench. Lay the cable to the side of the battery to prevent accidental contact with the battery terminal.

Remove the lower dash trim panel and sound insulation panel from under the driver-side of the dash using a 8 mm socket and ratchet and a small screw driver. The lower right corner of the sound insulation panel is fastened to the fire wall with a small nut that can be removed by twisting counter clockwise by hand.

Remove the two 15 mm nuts that attach the steering column to the underside of the dash using a 15 mm socket, long extension bar and ratchet from the socket set. Lower the steering column and allow the steering wheel to sit on the driver's seat.

Remove the two 8 mm nuts that attach the high-beam headlight switch to the top of the ignition switch located on top of the steering column about two-thirds of the way down towards the firewall, using an 8 mm wrench.

Unplug the electrical connector on the ignition switch by depressing the two blue locking tabs on the ends of the connector and then wiggling the connector as you pull it from the switch. Remove the 10 mm studs that attach the ignition switch to the steering column using a wrench.

Lift the ignition switch slightly and pry the push rod from the bottom of the switch using a screwdriver. Slip the new switch onto the push rod and secure the switch to the steering column using the 10 mm studs. Plug the electrical connector into the new switch until the locking tabs click into place.

Reconnect the battery cable end and adjust the switch by loosening the switch mounting studs and sliding the switch until the engine starts with the ignition key in the run position. Tighten the studs and reinstall the high-beam headlight switch onto the studs. Remember to slip the push rod into the end of the head-light switch before tightening the 8 mm retaining nuts.

Reinstall the steering column and tighten the 15 mm nuts securely. Reinstall the lower trim and sound insulation panels.

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