How to Replace a Timing Belt on a 1985 Dodge Ram

Timing belt engine problems may occur anytime you drive your vehicle. If your timing belt breaks while driving, you may be put in a potentially dangerous situation. However, with proper belt maintenance, you reduce the risk of belt-related accidents in your 1985 Dodge Ram.

Tools Used: 1985 Dodge Ram timing belt, Ratchet set

Replace Timing Belt

Turn the truck off. Pop the hood and make your way to the front of the truck. Find the car battery for your 1985 Dodge Ram. Detach the negative cable that connects to your truck battery.

Search for the top distributor cap; you can tell this cap by the letters "DC" or "DC/I" printed on the top. In most situations, the cap will be planted over one of the first pistons on the side of the engine. Use your adjustable socket or wrench and open the cap until it lines with the "3 inch" position on the outside portion of the cap.

Make sure that the main rotor is aligned up with the "3 inch" line on the distributor, which allows you to determine if the rotor is in alignment and not causing the timing belt to fray.

Notice the metal box that is bolted in place above the timing belt apparatus. Use your ratchet to pull off the four bolts and place them aside. Place the metal box off to the side and gain access to the main timing belt area. Remove the torn or broken timing belt.

Install the new 1985 Dodge Ram timing belt on the timing belt rotors and ensure that they are secure and are capable of holding the belt in place. Put the metal box back on the timing belt, reconnect the battery and turn on your vehicle to ensure that the process worked.

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