1986 Nissan D21 Windshield Wiper Arm Replacement

The design of the wiper arms on your 1986 Nissan D21 ensures that the wiper blades rest against the windshield glass. A bent wiper arm may result in that alignment being off, possibly resulting in damage to the windshield glass. If your wiper arms rust, they can be a safety hazard. A rusted wiper arm may snap and create a projectile on the road. You should replace bent or damaged wiper arms right away to avoid any further damage to your car. You can buy replacement wiper arms from an auto parts store or Nissan dealership.

Tools Used: Wrench set

Replace Windshield Wiper Arm

Make sure the wipers are resting in the "Park" position. Pull the plastic cover off the acorn nut at the base of the wiper arm if necessary. Some models may not include the covers. Remove the nut with a wrench.

Pull the wiper arm up off the mounting post at the pivot point. Pull the windshield washer hose off the connector on the wiper arm. Set the hose safely aside.

Install the new wiper arm onto the pivot post. Replace the acorn nut on the post and tighten it with a wrench. Press the plastic cover into place over the nut.

Push the washer hose back onto the nozzle on the wiper arm. Test the wiper to confirm that it is working properly.

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