1986 Chevrolet 305 Loosen Power Steering Belt

A Chevrolet 305 engine is a large V8 engine. On the front of the engine will be a small, round metal pulley. This is the tension pulley. The tension pulley is what tightens and loosens the power-steering pump belt. In the center of the tension pulley will be a small nut that will need to be loosened to give the belt slack. This job will take you about five minutes to complete.

Tools Used: Engine-pulley remover

Loosen Power Steering Belt

Locate the small tensioner pulley on the front of the Chevrolet 305 engine. Place the engine-pulley remover over the tensioner pulley and insert the nut in the center of the pulley into the hole on the pulley remover.

Turn the handle on the rear side of the engine-pulley remover until the nut in the center of the tensioner pulley loosens. Remove the engine-pulley remover from the tensioner pulley.

Place the engine-pulley remover over the power-steering pump pulley. Insert the bolt in the center of the pump pulley and turn the handle until the bolt loosens.

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