How to Remove an Ignition Switch on a 1983 Honda CB1000C

Unveiled in 1983, Honda's CB1000C featured a shaft-driven 973 cc four-cylinder motor, which was intended to provide ultimate performance experience coupled with the comfort of a long-distance touring bike. Today, Honda's CB motorcycles are enjoying a rise in popularity, with many CB1000Cs being prepared to rejoin life in the fast lane. Doing so requires some restoration, often in the form of replacing worn-out or damaged components, such as the ignition switch. After enduring many years of service, the switch's wiring could erode to the point of failure. Luckily, replacing the ignition switch is fairly simple.

Tools Used: Allen socket set, Socket wrench, Phillips screwdriver, Hex socket set

Remove an Ignition Switch

Use an Allen socket to unscrew the headlight mounting bolts on either side of the headlight, and lower the headlight to the forks.

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the pan-head screws from the cover. Pull the cover away from the meter bracket. Use a hex socket to unscrew the bolts that secure the bracket to the steering yoke. Pull the bracket away from the steering yoke.

Flip the meter bracket over and unscrew the pair of bolts that secure the ignition switch with a hex socket. Pull the ignition switch out of the meter bracket.

Follow the ignition switch's wiring harness to the motorcycle's main wiring harness. Squeeze the switch's connector and pull it off of the main wiring harness.

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