How to Replace a Drive Belt on a Ford Fiesta

The Ford Fiesta has been around since the 1970s. Built as a compact vehicle, it has been a staple in Europe and South America in the last few decades, and the Fiesta is making a comeback in American with a 2010 model. But whether having an older model or newer Fiesta, you'll still have to fix it on occasion. This includes the drive belt, essential in powering the air conditioning, power steering pump and engine coolant fans.

Step 1 - Check that the belt is in contact with the pulleys and that it's in good shape. The belt is found at the front of the car. If the belt is loose, frayed or worn, it needs replacement.

Step 2 - Remove the old belt. Use a wrench to loosen the mounting bolts on the alternator, where the pulleys are found. Loosening the bolts will cause the pulleys to loosen.

Step 3 - Push the alternator toward the engine and move the belt from the alternator pulleys.

Step 4 - Take the old belt to an auto parts store and match it with the new belt you're purchasing. It's important to have the exact size of the replacement belt relative to the old belt.

Step 5 - Place the new belt on by slipping it over the pulley. The belt will fit over the pulley rims with the pulley still loose on the alternator mounting.

Step 6 - Apply tension to the belt and then pull the alternator away from the engine. When the belt is taut, tighten the bolts until they are tight. Check that the belt is tight around the pulleys and that it can't slip off.

Recheck the tension of the belt. Run the engine for 10 minutes. Turn it off and check the belt. If it is still tight around the pulleys, your job is done.


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