How to Replace a Gear Shift Knob

The gear shift knob in a manual transmission equipped car or light truck is the large knob, usually made of plastic, that attaches to the top of the gear shift lever. Over time the surface of the knob can wear and you might wish to replace it to spruce up the interior of your vehicle. Many aftermarket manufactures offer specialty gear shift knobs. Some of these are made out of exotic materials such as leather or billet aluminum. Some companies offer novelty gear shift knobs for owners who want to personalize the interiors of their vehicles.

Replacing a Gear Shift Knob

Step 1 - Locate the gear shift knob attached to the end of the gear shift lever. Gear shift knobs are usually mounted in one of two ways. There will either be threads machined into the gear shift lever that the knob screws onto, or a small screw (usually an Allen head screw) at the base of the knob that secures the knob to the shift lever.

Step 2 - Turn the knob counterclockwise or remove the screw at the base of the knob to remove the knob from the shift lever.

Install the new knob on the shift lever by threading it clockwise onto the shift lever or sliding it onto the shift lever and tightening the screw to the base of the knob.

TIPS: Some vehicles have the gear shift pattern printed on the top of the knob. On these vehicles there will usually be a nut underneath the knob so that you can align the shift pattern label then tighten this nut to secure the knob.

THINGS YOU'LL NEED: Wrench set, Allen wrench set

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